Book review: Such a Pretty Fat

It’s chick lit and memoir and, for that reason alone, probably doesn’t deserve a review at all but I have to write something because the author, Jen Lancaster, so disturbs me. Is it okay to be a bitch if you admit you’re a bitch? What if you’re a funny bitch? Does that let you off the hook? Can you forgive bad behavior if it makes a person laugh?

Jen has a lot of road rage, calls 9-1-1 all the time to report homeless people and loud neighbors, and tells people off when they piss her off. This behavior makes me uncomfortable.

With four memoirs under her very large belt, I admire her self acceptance and unwillingness to buy into the society pressure to try to be a size 4. However, her health is suffering from her size–high cholesterol and blood pressure and “she sweats when she eats.” She writes, “It’s possible that my high self-esteem is bad for my health.” She goes on several diets–Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers–and writes about it. She also throws in random thoughts about culture, her neighbors, drinking and dogs. She drinks a lot and she loves food. (She might have the more disease, but only she can say for sure.) I’ve watched enough cooking shows to know that there are people who love food more than I do, I’ve just never spent so much time with them as I spent with Jen. (377 pages to be exact.)

Her writing style is breezy and bloggy and, in fact, she’s all over social media. A lot of women call themselves fat when they are not (guilty) so I Googled her. Yeah. She’s really chubby. Kudos for being honest. Then I saw that she was also a very conservative, McCain supporter. That put me over: it always really bothers me when conservatives, the same one who want to make cuts and more cuts, complain about homeless people and abuse the services our taxes pay for (9-1-1 in her case). On top of that, she wears polo shirts, Crocs, and capris. Alone, any one of these is a deal breaker. I’m going to have to play my own bitch card and not recommend.


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One Response to Book review: Such a Pretty Fat

  1. Kim Ratcliff says:

    You are hilarious, and I agree, Crocs are a deal breaker.

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