Movie review: The Adjustment Bureau

I saw my boy Matt’s latest movie this weekend. It’s no secret how I feel about Matt so of course this review will be biased and non objective. He’s a terrific actor, picks good material, and he just floats my boat. (My only issue with him is that he and his wife keep popping out babies–they are up to three now plus another from her first marriage and everybody knows that adding more Americans to this stressed Earth is not such a good idea.)

The plot: Matt’s character, a young, hopeful Senator from New York, accidentally sees behind the scenes and finds out that we only think we have free will and control our lives, but, in fact, the bigger decisions are made by “the chairman” and carried out by his guides, sort of angels who look like men in suits. (Why no women??) The conflict is that one of the decisions being made for the Matt character is that he can’t be with the woman he loves, Emily Blount, a dancer. Matt–and I–wonder why this is but we are never given the reasons for keeping them apart. That was frustrating.

Matt’s character is impulsive but honest, loyal, romantic and true, which should help maintain and swell the ranks of his robust fan club. Personally I would have liked more footage of Matt’s bare chest although my body-builder boyfriend said that wouldn’t have been a good thing since he could tell by the puffiness in Matt’s face that he is not in the best shape of his career. I think that with all those babies at home, Matt’s probably not getting much sleep. Doesn’t he just seem like the kind of guy who’d get up for nighttime feedings?

Emily? She was good, too. And not a bad dancer.

The movie has received good reviews all over the place. Most critics agree that the chemistry between Matt and Emily is great; we are really pulling for them. They both have big smiles and nice teeth. It’s a perfect date movie–a combination of action and romance that will keep every gender entertained. Go see.


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One Response to Movie review: The Adjustment Bureau

  1. Kim Ratcliff says:

    I don’t think I’ll see it because I’m not as into Matt as you. But I liked your review.
    PS: You have a body builder boyfriend?? Tell him I agree about the puffiness.

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