Bloody hell: the o.b. tampon mystery.

Look, ma! No applicator. It’s the original green tampon but I bet you can’t find them anywhere.

Have you seen the Seinfeld where Elaine finds out that her favorite birth control, the Sponge, is being discontinued and scours the city for remaining boxes? Now imagine that Elaine is PMS and she’s searching for her favorite tampon. That would be me and o.b. tampons. (I know–you thought I was too old for that biz.) However, o.b. is the Best Foods mayonnaise of tampons. Now imagine you went to the store one day and Best Foods was simply gone from the shelves? Poof! That’s what happened with my tampons. I haven’t said anything because, well, it’s just weird to be attached to a brand of tampons. Here’s the weirder thing: I’m not alone. There are stories on the NY Times, CBS News and blogs. This from the article on MSNBC:

On eBay, a dozen people have already submitted bids for one of several boxes of Ultra o.b. tampons up for sale, with the price currently at $28.75. Third-party sellers who advertise their wares on have priced boxes of o.b. tampons as high as $79.99.

(I should mention that the Ultra size has been permanently discontinued, a fact I would withhold from a pre-menstrual women, especially if she is holding a knife. On the other hand, check your purses, gym bags, and medicine cabinets for Ultras. You could be sitting on a goldmine!)

This from CNN Money (and I felt silly going to two Targets):

“I’ve spent about 3 hours driving between 6 different stores today and yesterday, in heavy traffic, looking for OB tampons,” one discouraged o.b. fan wrote in an online forum. “I couldn’t find any at all, in any size!”

Johnson & Johnson makes the product and claim that the problem, whatever it was, has been cleared up and has been shipping o.b. since early January, but, as of yesterday, my Target’s shelves were still void.

The comments on this article are the best part. Then again, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.


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2 Responses to Bloody hell: the o.b. tampon mystery.

  1. Kim says:

    Just read the CNN article…..reusable menstrual CUP??? I barfed in my mouth.

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