DVD review: Husbands and Wives.

This film is about marriage.

Am I the last person on earth to call out the biographical tendencies in Woody’s post-funny films? Knowing that a few years hence he’d dump his co-star/wife Mia for her daughter makes this film creepy to watch. As his character’s wife, Mia is portrayed as sneaky, neurotic, dumpy, and disloyal. Uh, Woody? PROJECTION much? (We need “Sassy Gay Friend” here.) You’d think the guy had enough therapy to see what he was doing.

Maybe if I weren’t divorcing, PMSing, sugar/salt bingeing I would have laughed at the few funny bits. I just couldn’t get passed Woody portraying himself as the noble one. Collective ew.


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I'm a writer, mother, consumer, reader, painter, home design junky, cat owner, ex-wife, cookie baker.
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