Movie review: Just go with it.

Would you ever put Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler together? Me neither, but it works.

The first scene is a flashback to Sandler’s almost wedding day when he dodges a bullet in the form of a hideous, cheating woman who he finds out is just marrying him because he’s going to be a cardiologist and this other guy who she really loves won’t. That night as he’s drinking away his sorrows in a bar, he gets the super hottest girl by telling her he’s stuck in a horrible marriage to a woman who cheats on him. This schtick sticks.

Jump to the present where he is a successful plastic surgeon and Aniston is his office manager. He’s been using the marriage ploy to great effect until he meets a girl he thinks he really wants but she doesn’t want to be responsible for breaking up a marriage. Aniston pretends to be the ex. The new girl finds out about her kids. They all end up in Hawaii with Sandler’s goofball cousin in tow. Aniston runs into her college fremesis (friend/nemesis) and the farce is off and running. Phew. (During the credits, I noticed it was based on a French play or film. Those French have cornered the market on farces; nobody does them better. La Cage Aux Folles and Three Men and Baby, both French originals.)

So. I laughed out loud several times and that (getting me to laugh during these troubling times) is not easy to do. This was a fun film. I truly enjoyed Sandler and Aniston. They were both charming and human. Nicole Kidman plays the fremesis, which is odd because the film successfully plays for laughs plastic surgery that’s gone too far and Kidman has gone too far. She looked so much better pre surgeries and treatments, no? She’s beginning to look like a parody of herself.

I wouldn’t hesitate taking my man to this film, although I saw it with a girlfriend. I can safely say it’s gender neutral–funny men for the girls and lots of hot bods in bikinis for the boys.

Happy President’s Day.



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