Movie review: The Mechanic

Dude movie! Fight scenes! Things getting blown up! Sex with a hot, kind prostitute who has all her teeth! A Chihuahua! (Okay, that’s just my dude.)

The plot: hit man who works for some illicit, elite outfit that has powerful, evil men “removed.” The hit man is played by Jason Statham. (I have to add that if there were more shots of his naked body, this would have been less dude movie and more chick flick.) Our loner mechanic (so called because he fixes problems, i.e. kills drug lords) ends up taking on an apprentice and teaching him the ropes. That’s all I can say without ruining it.

I can appreciate a good dude movie and liked this one. I especially dug Jason’s digs. He lives in this kick-ass (I’m even starting to sound like a dude) house accessible only by boat in a swamp outside New Orleans. It’s all retro modern, wood and glass, draped in gauzy, sea-foam green moss! Beautiful! Here’s the chick part: I spent a bit of the movie fantasizing about living there with Jason and he’s naked all the time.

This is a possible date movie, but better seen by couples in relationships or, better still, married. It’s one of those movies that you can “give” your guy–you know, you see it for him and he feels so grateful he tackles one or two items from your honey-do list.


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