There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

I’ve been feeling poorly the last few days, headachy and tired and a bit congested and sneezy. My son has the flu and I blamed it on that, the fact I may be fighting it off myself. Except I never got sick. So I blamed it on my advanced age. I couldn’t even get myself to the gym on Sunday, so yesterday I made myself go to Sawyer Camp Trail and run. I felt like lead. I actually dragged a foot at one point along the asphalt–a sign that I’m too lazy to even pick it up. I kept picturing myself stumbling and wiping out except I was running so slowly, all the old, retired people walking the trail with me would have had enough time to catch me. Then I noticed a blemish between my eyes, then one on my upper lip, and last night another massive eruption began forming on my chin and it all came together in a blinding flash of insight: It’s the damn caramel apple sugar babies!

You can’t eat one box a day (one and a half boxes on the weekend)–without suffering some consequences. I didn’t have any yesterday and I haven’t sneezed once today.


About eileenerb

I'm a writer, mother, consumer, reader, painter, home design junky, cat owner, ex-wife, cookie baker.
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