They’re here!


A nearly perfect candy.

A week ago I was at Walgreen’s running the check-out gauntlet of impulse purchases–eye glass repair kits, People magazine, weight loss pills, and other “as seen on TV” personal care items. (Pedi Egg anyone?) Included was a teetering pyramid of “3 for $4” boxes of movie candy, including Caramel Apple Sugar Babies. What? How had this gotten by me?

I snatched up a box, ate half on the way home. It was a Proustian Madeleine moment.  First, I was back in Yosemite Valley during winter riding the shuttle buses through the snow. Then I was sitting at the kitchen table with my grandpa eating slices of green apple sprinkled with salt. Two days later, I made it back  to Walgreen’s for more, but they were gone–a limited edition candy. The three other local Walgreen’s were out, too. Thank God for the Internet.


Is 20 boxes enough?

They arrived in three days: 7 lbs. of candy. It was Christmas all over again.

The color is a little off putting, but you can eat them  in the dark.

My top two reasons for going to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk as a kid: The sky ride and caramel apples. However, a caramel apple is difficult and messy to eat. These are bite size and don’t get sticky. One fell out of my duvet as I was making the bed this morning.

Big Guns noticed that on the packing receipt, the Candy Depot recommended microwaving them for a few seconds or leaving them in the sun to further your enjoyment. Just like what that famous food writer, MFK Fisher, did with tangerines.

You know what would make these even better? A touch of sea salt, just like grandpa would do. Anyway, don’t try to go to Walgreen’s to find them.  Stop by my house (quickly) or go online.


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I'm a writer, mother, consumer, reader, painter, home design junky, cat owner, ex-wife, cookie baker.
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