Movie Review: No Strings Attached.

It’s a romantic comedy. What’s not to love? Ashton Kutcher, I think, is an underrated actor. Probably because he makes it look so easy. I love him. I loved this movie. It was delightful. The script sparkled. (Unlike The Green Hornet, which would have been best watched with the sound off. That script–written by Seth Rogan, who isn’t good looking and so far only seems to have one acting tool in his toolbox–simply sucked. Sorry, Seth; I’m sure you’re a very nice guy, but please get your teeth fixed.)

Of course all the characters appeared to be living beyond their means. Can a medical resident afford a new Audis? And Ashton’s mid-century modern house with its impeccable landscaping/furniture/architecture seemed beyond a TV assistant’s salary. However, all that eye candy and perfectionism is what’s expected in romantic comedies–they are escapes meant to transport us to cotton candy fairyland where there is true love and there isn’t any cellulite. In that respect, this movie absolutely succeeded. For its genre, it knocked it out of the ballpark. For me, it was 2011’s Sleepless in Seattle.



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