Movie Review: Blue Valentine.

Ouch. I recommend this movie to any young (or old) hopefuls excited about marriage, although I suspect that they won’t see themselves on the screen. They will think “That will never be us,” just like I thought it would never be me, that I’d never be repulsed by the sight/sound/smell of my beloved.

This movie has one of the most horrific, drunk sex scenes I’ve ever had to witness. I’ve been the partner in several just like this, but I’ve never had to sit there and watch the action with a large, greasy bag of popcorn on my lap, stone-cold sober.

It’s an up close movie, very tight and introspective. Even the camera shots are all cropped-in and pore observing. In fact, it’s so emotionally constricting that after seeing it, you’ll want to run out of the movie theater and dance wildly in the street. I felt like walking to Nola’s, a bar around the corner, and chasing the last 2 hours out of my head with tequila shots. I ate falafel and hummus instead.

I also saw True Grit this week and it’s a fine movie, just as good as the first True Grit (who would have thought that John Wayne’s performance could be improved upon? Who would have had the guts to even try? Jeff Bridges, that’s who. Bravo, Jeff.)


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I'm a writer, mother, consumer, reader, painter, home design junky, cat owner, ex-wife, cookie baker.
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2 Responses to Movie Review: Blue Valentine.

  1. Kim Ratcliff says:

    Hi Eileen, I loved Blue Valentine. The ukulele song killed me. So tender and sweet.
    Ryan Gosling actually wrote that ditty! He is my new crush.

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