Mendo nirvana.

I’m not rich, but I know the right people. (This reminds me of something the mother in Room with a View tells her daughter: “Yes there are right and wrong sorts of people.”) My friend E is such a person. She knows lots of artsy, writer types and set me up with K & W who have an awesome place in Albion, 8 miles south of Mendocino. This is where my muse lives. The times I’ve house sat there have been my most prolific; I wrote most of my novel in a four-week, fevered frenzy while also devouring half a book a day from their vast library and dusting every exposed and unexposed surface of that big house.(It’s how I worked out scenes.)

Here’s a shot of their library:

I even dusted those little tchotchkes high on the window sill.

Bonus! I take care of three fantastic kitties! Here’s o’beautiful O’Bryan:

I want to steal him. I'd take the house, too, if I could get it in my car.

I also tend to a flock of chickens and water the garden which, unlike my other futile pursuits like child rearing and writing, rewards me for my efforts with beauty like this:

Orange sweet peas?! Nature outdid herself.

And then there’s the monster:

Two ovens, eight burners and a griddle.

More inspiration from sculptures by the gentleman of the house:

We are all slim and graceful in Mendocino.

And we have really deep thoughts.

Three days was enough time to write a bio for a friend (this seems to be THE ONLY way people meet nowadays) and paint a portrait of another friend for her birthday. No novels.


About eileenerb

I'm a writer, mother, consumer, reader, painter, home design junky, cat owner, ex-wife, cookie baker.
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