Movie review: Inception

I saw Leo’s newest movie last week. Here’s my suggestion; it is important to pay attention and not miss a single minute. Do not let your co-viewer get up to retrieve popcorn only to return after ten minutes and ask what he missed. Bad, bad idea. Although in the end it didn’t matter much because this is one of those films where you never figure out what’s going on. I was always off kilter. Is it all a dream? What’s reality? And making a movie about dreams seems like a cheap trick; like a book that ends with “and then I woke up.” Overall, it made me feel anxious and dense.

On a side note, Ellen Paige has a big head and the body of a child. She just looks weird on screen. Maybe it was another gimmick to mess with my perspective, but she was off putting. Every time I saw her I had to re-group. It was like putting on the wrong reading glasses. Whoa! Is that a woman?

Many questions. Good special effects. Some people loved it, but not me.


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