Birds after my decorating heart…

We still have our subscription to National Geographic but I am a cautious reader of late. Not like when I was a kid and flipped the pages warily so that my hand wouldn’t accidentally touch some photo of a giant bug. No, now I need an abundance of mental health before I can read about another stranded polar bear, oil-covered bird, or dying habitat, and even that’s no guarantee I won’t wind up fretting and depressed. (Not like a mindless jaunt through Good Housekeeping where the most depressing news is the caloric information following the recipes.) But July has an article not to be missed about birds in New Guinea who decorate their pads to attract mates. Clearly, I have descended from these birds. I especially like the twig bower and stone stage built by a great Bowerbird. Very Tony Duquette.

Here’s a link. Check it out.

Build It—And They Will Come

To win choosy females, male bowerbirds swagger, croon, and…decorate. In some species, only males with the most spectacular lairs, like this Vogelkop on New Guinea, succeed in passing on their genes.


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