Movie review: Knight and Day

Because I think Tom Cruise is kind of weird and already too rich, I didn’t want to love this movie but — DAMN — he’s a movie star! He has it and he attracts other people who have it. I loved the movie, not in a though-provoking/that deserves an Academy Award way, but in a “that’s entertainment” way. It’s Hollywood all the way. The action sequences and special effects were top rate. The plot was plausible. And the love story was subtle enough that my 12-year-old son wasn’t grossed out. That’s all I’m going to say.

P.S. I have to add that my hair-dresser’s stepmother theorizes that Suri isn’t Tom’s daughter but the love child of Chris Klein and Katie Holmes Cruise and my hairdresser thinks this is possible because “everybody knows Tom is gay.” Does everybody think that and would it hurt his career if he were? Personally, Tom is too good looking for me; I’m firmly in Matt Damon’s camp but I’d still appreciate watching a gay Tom on the big screen.


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