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Movie review: Inception

I saw Leo’s newest movie last week. Here’s my suggestion; it is important to pay attention and not miss a single minute. Do not let your co-viewer get up to retrieve popcorn only to return after ten minutes and ask … Continue reading

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Birds after my decorating heart…

We still have our subscription to National Geographic but I am a cautious reader of late. Not like when I was a kid and flipped the pages warily so that my hand wouldn’t accidentally touch some photo of a giant … Continue reading

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Movie review: Knight and Day

Because I think Tom Cruise is kind of weird and already too rich, I didn’t want to love this movie but — DAMN — he’s a movie star! He has it and he attracts other people who have it. I … Continue reading

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Pretty in pink.

I can’t believe how tempted I am to BUY flowers when I walk through Whole Foods and even Costco, who offer pre-arranged arrangements that aren’t too bad when they do them all in one color. Then I pull my head … Continue reading

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