Garden update.

It was warm and sunny for a fat minute. I raced out and did a little gardening:

I cleaned out the fountain and got it running. Buddha likes big, red dahlias.

I wrapped lights around a branch from a privet tree I cut down last fall. It's the best, most useful thing any Privet has ever done for me.

Can you spot all those zucchinis?

This tiny, rather underdeveloped plant pushed out two beans already! It reminds me of when I gave birth.

Look at how fast things are growing in the raised bed! I wish the job hunt was as productive.

March 25, 2010

June 18, 2010

Scarlet runner beans are sprouting all over the garden.

See its little seed pod still attached? So cute.

About eileenerb

I'm a writer, mother, consumer, reader, painter, home design junky, cat owner, ex-wife, cookie baker.
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