Movie review: Get him to the Greek.

I loved this movie, saw it last night with my Big Boy, his friend and Big Guns. In a word: delightful. This is how to write comedy; it’s not sophomoric, the characters have real emotions and nobody gets thrown under the bus or puts celery in their bottom just for a laugh (as was done in MacGruber.) It’s a great set-up — music industry ingenue trying to make a good impression has 72 hours to get the addict rock star from London to Los Angeles. There are stops in New York for the Today Show and Vegas. It’s all in place: the clock is ticking, everybody has issues and exs, the locations are ripe for drama, alcohol is pouring and drugs are everywhere. The screenwriter could have left it at that but he pushes it and people have epiphanies that don’t drip with sap.

Interestingly, in the car on the way there, my two teenagers talked about the band they are starting and then we go see this movie about the rock industry and it’s not pretty. Decadent and ill behaved and lots of sex. I kept whispering to my son, “It doesn’t have to be that way.” Another interesting side note about the sex: there was one scene where the ingenue is getting banged in a bathroom stall by a groupie but he’s detached and worried about falling into the toilet, two scenes with a girl getting serviced and serviced well by a man’s mouth (something we hardly EVER see in a movie), a failed threesome, and a scene where the ingenue gets “raped” with a dildo by a groupie.  I guess my point is there are plenty of bimbos but none of them are on their knees. I can’t tell if this is progress or not but I like it. I’d rather my son sees sex like that. (I think).

Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy is terrific as a record executive who knows exactly what his job entails (lying, mind-fucking, providing drugs to his stars). He’s honest about being in it for the money.

No matter if you have to park a mile from the theater, wait ten minutes for your stale popcorn, and sit in front of a guy who barks like a hyena when something strikes his funny bone, go see this.


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