Movie review: MacGruber

Oh people…I lost almost two hours of my life last night. I could have been rewriting the first chapter of my novel (again), reading The Help, or cleaning my bathrooms. Fortunately, the tickets were comped. Unfortunately, I needed to eat $15 of popcorn and soda.

It’s based on a TV show from the 80s — MacGyver — which my roommate after college just loved. I got Thirty Something and she got MacGyver. (At her wedding when she got hitched to her own MacGyver — Mr. uber-handy Todd, who can fix just about anything — I wrote and read a poem that referenced the original.) Granted the show was ripe for spoofing and Saturday Night Live jumped on it but clearly the joke was best kept to a ten-minute skit. The plot was silly, the humor was crude (celery stalks stuck in somebody’s bottom anybody?), and the pants were very high waisted. The best thing was the 80s music and there are better ways to enjoy that.

I can’t even recommend renting this one. In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest you cover your eyes if it’s on a television you happen to be walking by.

Happy Memorial Day.


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2 Responses to Movie review: MacGruber

  1. Laurel says:

    I loved The Help!!

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