Bragging about my garden

It’s spring in California and my garden is looking mighty fine. Here’s the front arbor awash in a red rose whose name I can’t remember.

I have a soft spot for periwinkle blue flowers. The smaller one is called Heaven Bound. I can’t remember the name of the other one but its seed pod is bigger than its blooms and it spreads like wildfire which is OK by me — I can live with an entire garden blanketed in blue.

Blue on blue.

This is another easy-to-grow rose called Eden. Well it’s been easy to grow the last couple of years. I had four but lost one two years ago and this year, I guess because of the rain, we’ve had some mildew and black spot on the leaves, fewer blooms (which is saying a woman is a a little pregnant) and the flowers are more white than pink. Still spectacular. (I don’t want to hurt the plants’ feelings.) Better Homes & Garden featured it in this month’s issue. (I know; I’m too young and hip to read BHG but they sent it to me as a substitute when Home & Garden folded.)

"Eden" because I'm the first word in floribundarific roses.

Finally, an arrangement of New Dawn roses and Heaven Bound. (I suppose, for literature’s sake, I should have combined Eden and Heaven Bound.) I love pink and blue together. Next arrangement I’m thinking a blue hydrangea with Heaven Bound; after that, lavender and Heaven Bound. Can you tell I’m bored?

I fill vases to fill the hours.


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I'm a writer, mother, consumer, reader, painter, home design junky, cat owner, ex-wife, cookie baker.
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2 Responses to Bragging about my garden

  1. A.Patty says:

    Feeds the soul when soul could use food. (Speaking of feeding, we just trapped a good-sized rat, lured by shrimp on a hook since he ate the first serving, peanut butter, then the second attempt, a piece of dry cat food affixed w/ a tiny clothespin; he also stole the clothespin…… Because we really love rats- they’re clever, creative & hardworking- he got a bunch of cat food & a box over the trap to feel safer until tomorrow AM release). Anyway, this being Hawaii, stuff is blooming, but my favorites are the ferns. And there’s much to be said for seasons- I think we require the challenge of fallow & feast. Eden ( the rose!)is scrumptous.

    • eileenerb says:

      I love rats, too. They only live for two years so they have to pack a lot in. It’s life on fast forward. Good luck with the release. Will you drop him at the beach? BTW, you are the aunt mentioned in the other post who thinks a rose without scent is a travesty. Lots of things you’ve said stay with me.

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