DVD review: Iron Man 2

I saw this with Big Guns and the youngest one. (I’ve been told not to call him “my baby” anymore; not just by him but by grown ups. Something about infantilizing him.)

OK, the movie. I gotta say the people at Marvel comics are geniuses at creating complex, flawed characters. Is there any other worthy kind of character to write about? I think not. Their characters are so good, they are hard for Hollywood to screw up. Add some fabulous special effects,  cameos of famous people such as Stanley Lee (noticed by my older son) and Larry Ellison, snarky dialogue, hot chicks, and great fight scenes and there you have it — Iron Man 2.

The Marvel character: Tony Stark, extreme narcissist, genius physicist, filthy with hubris but who can’t figure out how to save his own life — literally and figuratively. He’s not all good, not all bad. Played by Robert Downey Jr., a Phoenix figure who did figure out how to save his life.

The plot: Tony has this wicked cool technology that he feels is his alone because he had it first, like a two-year old with a toy or Bill Gates with an operating system. It gets into the wrong hands — explosions happen, people fight, Tony has to figure some shit out with his dead dad. The industrial military complex is mostly evil and politicians are stupid. (That part’s a little cliche.) There is a big scene at the end where lots of things get blown up at an Expo in Manhattan but Tony, his sidekick and his girlfriend manage to live. There is no depiction or mention of any civilians dying because that would have messed with the humorous mojo. Or maybe it was just a miracle?

I wouldn’t recommend paying full price to see this movie. Hit a matinee so you don’t feel too ripped off. You should not be in a contemplative, thoughtful or cynical mood. Put your skeptic aside and be prepared for a fun, wild romp with great special effects. Scarlett Johansson in kick-ass shape and skin-tight clothes is another reason to shell out $10.


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  2. Katie says:

    As my FB friend Lotti says, I could watch Robert Downey Jr. read the phone book.

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